Alex Cuba

Alex Cuba is a well-known singer-songwriter and musician of our days. His name is Alexis Puentes and he was born in 1974 in Artemisa. Alex was interested in music from his childhood and involved in family music business at age of four. His father, who was guitar maestro and teacher, take young Alexis in his music group, consisted of more than 20 guitarists. This band appeared on national TV of Cuba and then little boy, Alex, played on guitar and after this performance, he started to study bass.

In 1999, at the age of 25, young singer moved to Canada and recorded album with Adonisbrothers, their group was named as “The Puentes Brothers”. After this event, he started solo record of his new album “Humo De Tobaco”. Moreover, in 2006 he won a Juno award for his album. One year later, in 2007, he released another album “Agua Del Pozo” and won a Juno award again. Finally, in 2009 he realized himself like Alex Cuba and released album of the same title.

For the third album “Alexa Cuba”, he recorded track in Englishwith title “If You Give Me Love”. It was the main feature of his album;it became very popular all over the world. Alexis won an awardat the Latin Grammy in 2010 for at the part New Artist and he becamediscovery of that year. He was awarded twice more at Grammy Award, for the best album and hit song. He also has another awards for his vocal, albums and tracks.

The next album“RuidoEn El Sistems”was recorded in 2012. For this work, Alex Cuba received an achievement like an outstanding Jazz-musician. He wasawarded as the best songwriterwith Latin Grammy. Alexis and his friend YoelHenriqueswon award for the co-writers of the best single of tropical thematic. He won Grammy again in 2013 for his video clip “EresTu”, which was made in his homeland.

Last masterpiece – “Healer”

All his time, Alex Cuba was focused on his latest album “Healer”. The recording was in USA(New York) and in Canada(Victoria). Alexis Puentes traded in live rhythms, vocal harmony and horns for guitarists. It is clear that he took back to the roots. On this album, Alex has five duet songs with Canadian singers: David Myles, Kuba Oms, Ron Sexsmiths and Alejandra Ribera. Healer is full of optimistic thoughts and tunes. Alex had travelled to his native land, he want to record a few tracks of roots tunes. He said that after few sessions to his homeland, he understand that no more horns would be in his music at this album. I recommend you to listen “Healer”, and you will have a good mood!